Don’t Forget to Give Notice

No, this isn’t relating to your job, or a reminder to let your car insurance provider know you are leaving them (yawn), this is KIND OF A BIG DEAL, and one I didn’t realise should be the very first thing you do once you’ve booked your Wedding venue.

In fact, giving notice of your marriage is the one thing that REALLY matters. When you’re having heart palpitations closer to your big day remember the moment you gave notice, and smile. This is a defining moment of your Wedding journey. It’s when you and your partner in crime sit down at your local Registrar’s Office to agree the format of your Wedding Ceremony, the vows you wish to say to each other, the names of those giving any readings, and importantly, confirmation and clarity on the legal parts that will make you a MRS or MR!

Giving notice of your marriage is one of the first most ‘official’ things you will do as a Bride-to-Be. What’s more special than that?

I actually really enjoyed walking into our local Registrar’s Office and talking through our Wedding Day. The lady was an expert influence and it was a great opportunity to check we hadn’t forgotten anything, which would ensure our marriage would be legally binding and official.

Our advice? Once you confirm your Wedding date at your selected venue, check-in with your local Registrar right away, explain you’d like to give notice and get everything booked in. You’ll receive a bundle in the post with various check-lists and vow options; enjoy reading them through together one evening, with a glass of wine (Ours is always Malbec!)

We made a night of it deciding which words we preferred and represented us the best. Some options were a little formal, we have to say, but this may be for you! Be the Bride you wish to be, don’t worry about anyone else.

After this, you will meet the Registrar at a mutually agreed time and leave with a running order of the Wedding Day. It makes it very real, such a lovely feeling!

Editor tip? Take a photo as you leave, with your Wedding pack in-hand. You’ll always be able to look back and say ‘we gave notice on this day.’

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