Go Wild! When it comes to trying on dresses

Say yes to the dress, have you seen it? I’m yet to watch it but quite a few people have been raving about it. I think I could be missing out… Quick, pass me the TV remote!

This got me thinking about a new blog about shopping for your wedding dress. Take it from me, try on AS MANY DRESSES AS YOU LIKE and enjoy every single moment of it. I mean, this is *shopping* at its finest, right? When else do you get to try on beautiful, expensive, floor length dresses, prance around feeling a million dollars and have all eyes on you?

That’s why when I recently tied the knot I spent a good 10 months shopping for my dress. Maybe even more. It became a little bit of a joke at one point between my mum and I, as I’d travel far and wide to varying levels of boutiques across the UK. I’d find gorgeous dresses that I really would love but after I left the boutique for a well-earned glass of Champagne I realised I wasn’t thinking about the dresses I had just tried. Was this right? Maybe I have commitment issues (thankfully for my husband this is only towards clothing!) or maybe it was that I hadn’t found ‘the one.’

I guess in all honesty I didn’t know how I was meant to feel. I’d had friends that ended up buying the first dress they tried. I had friends who did get the WOW moment and those that didn’t, so all in all I had no benchmark. That’s why you need to go for it and try on hundreds of dresses, come away to think about it, analyse, picture the day and whether the dress suits your vibe and style. In fact, for me, the ‘coming away’ part became hugely important as the dress I did go for clicked; I liked myself in it, I could see it working with our venue, the suits, and overall setting of our day. A light bulb moment you could say (hallelujah)

The reflective time was hugely important to me and something I would recommend. Don’t rush your decision, spend weekends *shopping* and for God’s sake, don’t panic buy.

After trying on so many beautiful dresses, some as glamorous as you could ever imagine, long sleeved, lace, high-necked, fishtail, fit and flare, appliqué, haute couture, I had to trust my gut and it indicated I didn’t want anything too fussy. I’ve now been married four months and I know I made the right decision; effortless, elegance in simplicity, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

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More Wedding Inspiration