Make Instagram Your Friend

It’s time to become the OG of IG! And why, you may ask? Well for you my darling.

Whether you love it or hate it, social media has a place in society. So, to make use of the free social media platform we’ve come up with a fun idea to keep track of your wedding journey and all the planning that takes time and energy.

This doesn’t have to be for anyone else other than you, your future husband and close family should you wish to share the Instagram account. You have the power!


  • Create yourself an Instagram account, with a Bride and Groom name that suits you as a couple. This could be something cute, quirky or involving your future last name
  • Set the account to private
  • Give your partner the login details so you can both post throughout your wedding experience
  • Make a note of key dates; this might be dress shopping with your mum, food tasting, venue searching, giving notice of your wedding, and take a quick snap at every event so you can look back on the special moments when you’re old and grey
  • Don’t forget the smaller stuff too; the day your invitations arrive, date nights you share, dinners you cook, the final six weeks where you’re in the gym or making things for the big day, the venues you visit and hate (as you’ll look back and laugh take it from us!)
  • If you don’t live locally to your family this is also an excellent way for them to keep track of your journey and progress. Our Editor found this a perfect tool to log her wedding journey and her mum could take a look whenever she wanted. “Being 150 miles away from my parents, working full-time and juggling the wedding planning, kept me super busy, so to give mum access to the Instagram account for her to see the fun my Fiancé and I were having was really nice. She’d quiz me on things later!” tells FRB Editor Suze Gillatt.

As you can see, we love this idea as it’s too easy to forget the steps you took, once the big day is over. Plus, everyone’s focus is the BIG DAY so to log how got you there is really lovely – you will be able to reminisce forever more!

You could call it ‘re-purposing Instagram’ and having a documentation of your wedding journey, hidden away from the world for just you and your partner to look back on.

There’s nothing left to do, time to start your insta-Journey!

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