Unique Wedding Gifts You Never Thought About

Don’t you just love receiving a surprise gift? Or even better, gifting someone with something unexpected. Their amazement, their look, their smile… they do say giving is the best feeling, and we think they could be right!

With giving in mind, we put together our top three unique wedding gifts for your thoughts. The items range in price (to suit all budgets) but are enough to make any Bride and Groom feel REALLY special.

Sometimes it really is the little things that count, and could make all the difference.

Couple’s Go-pro

Two little words we’ve all become accustom to but think about it. You are giving the Bride and Groom their very own action-cam, to capture all their Honeymoon adventures.  FRB is speaking from experience as our Editor recently enjoyed three weeks of idyllic Honeymoon. She took photos galore, boomerangs, Instagram stories, but she’s not the kind of person who would own a Go-pro, so for occasions like this she, totally, missed out – to her own admission!

You don’t have to be Quentin Tarrantino to use a Go-pro so don’t worry there. In any case, setting the Go-pro up with your new husband should prove fun (or entertaining!) There’s a new version of the Go-pro out on the market. Take a look here.

The only way this gift doesn’t work is if the happy couple already have a Go-pro so do your research and only get shopping once you know.

Speaking from experience, we know your Bride and Groom will be truly touched at this allows them to capture so much more during their Honeymoon, and could be something so simple that they didn’t think of. Swoon!

Matching Travel Cases

Who doesn’t LOVE getting new luggage? Not us! There’s something fabulous in the way it feels, the way it smells, and we swear your clothes look nicer in a stylish case. Right?

As you walk around the airport on your way to your Honeymoon departure lounge you’ll no longer have luggage envy with these Front Row Bride picks;


This super-sassy, luxury travel case, hails from travel Gods Rimowa; one of the leading brands for luxury travel wear. Don’t be deceived by this cases’ lightweight nature, this case means business. Rimowa’s classic 84.5cm case is made from durable aluminium-magnesium and adjustable telescopic handles meaning its robust, stylish and got the substance. Available in a variety of premium colours, you’ll easy find his n her case to set you on your way.

Available from Harrods. Prices start from £500.

Next up is a trend-setter from Samsonite.

We love the toughened look this case offers and the all black look is so hot right now. The Samsonite has a better price-point that the Rimowa it has to be said so shop for your budget and desires. For those new to Samsonite, they are a globally acclaimed brand boasting a TSA-approved lock for safe storage, spacious and well-appointed cases. What’s not to love?

Next stop (excuse the pun) are these floral beauties from fashion-house  Ted Baker.

Easy to lift and manoeuvre, these decorative cases are every brides dream. How cute is this little number?

On the his and hers front, these two cases would make an newlywed couple glide through the airport.

On the his and hers front, these two cases would make an newlywed couple glide through the airport.

Last, but by no means least, go personal – it’s totally  fun and really memorable! From bespoke lettering to personalized photographs, this is a real winner.

If you want to play the quirky card and organise a gift that will make the Newly-weds smile, then look no further than this from Getting Personal.

Or the couple’s favourite snap together;

Chauffeur for the Day

Live like a star for the day with your very own Chauffeur! This was the “best present” says our Editor, and a really nice surprise from their Best Man.

Booking a private Chauffeur for the newly-weds is one of those rock-star moments where they will feel like stars for the day. Here’s what our Editor had to say;

“Being told we had our own personal driver for the day in Abu Dhabi was UNREAL as it meant we could see all the hotspots at our leisure, in the comfort of a swanky car, and be driven door-to-door. To be able to travel in style to destinations of our choice such as the Grand Mosque, Yas Marina and F1 circuit, was amazing. We ordinarily would have had to spread many of these visits out across a series of days, taking more time out of the first leg of our Honeymoon.

We’d also have to take public transport or taxis everywhere, which isn’t necessarily a problem, however the ‘Chauffeur for the day’ gift wow-ed us and we feel extremely lucky.

Not only did we use our Chauffeur to explore Abu Dhabi but we travelled to neighbouring Dubai and visited all the sights and sounds of the city built on sand. From the Burj Khalifia, Burj al Arab, various souk’s, The Palm, Atlantis Hotel and so on, having a driver is so convenient and the best way to gather the sense and style of a new place.

I’ll never forgot the call from our Best Man to tell us he’d arranged a driver, which we could use however we wanted; so thoughtful, so fun, and so rock-star! This definitely makes a lovely surprise for Newly-weds”.

His n Hers Passport Covers

Now before you judge us for being too cliché with the whole passport cover thang, we would ordinarily think the same, have you seen some of the uber-stylish numbers on the market of-late?

Take this Mulberry number for example. Available in three stunning colours, highly-practical, yet it adds a sense of style to your passport. We believe any Bride and Groom would be really touched to receive a his and hers passport cover like this.

There’s no denying that Mulberry instils a sense of British heritage and their designs remain classic and full of character.

This particular grained, leather-finish, passport cover is stamped with the label’s gold-tone tree and lettering. The oxblood colour is our particular favourite!

If you’re feeling generous and want a timeless, elegant gift for the Bride and Groom, this could be it.

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