The Big Debate; hair up, or hair down?


It seems like it wouldn’t be difficult to decide, but we meet sooo many Brides who don’t know what to do when it comes to their hair. Not to scare you, but something this simple actually has a big impact on your wedding day look.
Here are Front Row Bride’s tips to getting it right; oh yeah!

1. Environment- Your beautiful wedding hair needs to withstand all kinds of conditions. Remember, your hairstyle has to last a long time at your wedding. Depending on where you are getting married, do you need to plan ahead for wind, rain, humidity, boiling sunshine / sweat – it might not sound ideal but we’re being real! Especially if you live in the UK. Be realistic about the place and time of your big day and if you can afford it have trials for both options, then go out for the day to see how long it lasts – and how #fabulous you look 8 hours later (or not as the case may be)

2. Neckline – The neckline of your dress, and importantly, the back of your dress should be a major consideration when it comes to agreeing your wedding hair. It would be criminal to have spent all that time, energy (and money) finding your dream dress, only to cover the gorgeous shoulder detailing, or back with long hair. If you have something to show off it might be worth thinking hair-up
3. Work with an Expert – When it comes to your wedding day you need to get it right. There are no second chances. That’s why we believe in finding suppliers who know their stuff, have bucket-loads of experience, can give honest insights and interpret your brief well. Our #fave suppliers to-date will be mentioned soon, and included on our #newblog so keep your eyes glued to our Instagram!

4. Trust your Gut – It’s ok to ask for outside opinions but remember you can’t please everyone. It’s YOUR HAIR and you know what makes you feel good

5. Do your Research – Take inspiration from the world around you. Magazines, the web, Instagram etc. The world flows with new information daily so get ahead and start a mood-board of all your favourites. This will help you whittle out potentials over time.

Let us know your thoughts about dream hair styles for your wedding day via our Instagram channel where the conversation is hot on this subject.

Until next time! FRB X


All Images: Pintrest

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