Biggest Wedding Trends of 2019

Move over cupcakes and mini-bottles of prosecco, 2019 is here, and with it, its own set of wedding trends. DIY photo booths and Naked cakes have served us well over the last five years, but there’s a whole heap of new wedding trends taking centre-stage this year.

Sustainable Celebrations
More than ever, we are buying with a conscious. This has, not unexpectedly, rolled out into the wedding space and in 2019 this is going to hit the big time.

It’s a well known fact that Vegan related products rose in sales by 700% in 2018 and this is not stopping anytime soon. According to Etsy, there has been over 107,000 searches for eco-friendly items in the last three months alone, with wedding items such as bio-degrable confetti, reusable straws and upcycled décor becoming more popular than ever.

Being eco-conscious doesn’t have to be boring, either, this is about preserving Mother Nature and buying consciously, whenever and wherever we can.

We’re finding new Brides are looking for innovative ways to have an eco-friendly wedding, and we say high-fives to that!

Our tip? Check out Shropshire Petals on Not on the High Street for a gorgeous selection of biodegradable petals. They’re on a mission to change the World!

Geometric Shapes and Interesting Materials
We’re all for stand-out pieces so seeing a new wave of invitations, décor and dressing coming through the ranks has really excited us.
There’s been a 105 percent increase in searches for ‘vellum wedding invitations’ (source Etsy) in the last six weeks alone. That’s telling us something, right?

Brides and Grooms are clearly wanting to get creative this year. They want something that is not only beautiful on the eye, but an experience overall as well.

Vellum is cropping up like never before! Perspex (like you couldn’t tell from our previous blog) is also having a moment in the wedding scene. From wedding invitations, to wedding signage, and table plans, we love Perspex!
Etsy has also reported 23,000 searches for ‘laser cut wedding invitations’ in the last seven weeks, meaning this look is only going to develop into 2019.

Why not channel your inner Gatsby and go-glam and geometric for your big day? Now, there’s an idea.

Functional Favours
Functional favours are the rage in 2019, and if you start now, you’ll be ahead of this wedding trend. Goodbye cupcakes, macarons or mini-bottles of fizz, sadly, it’s all been done before ladies and gents! (don’t hate us).

It’s time to think practical in terms of favours; gifts that will actually be of use to the recipient. We’re thinking luxury wine-stoppers (engraved depending on your budget), personalised pens, personalised wine glass charms, or keep it simple yet effective by putting together a hand-written note in a small glass bottle for each and every guest. This will take a bit more time to produce, of course, but we think it’ll be more than worth it – and a true keepsake for your wedding guests. Imagine their reaction of wondering what’s inside the bottle, only to open it and find a personalised message just for them.

This is without doubt, something they’ll cherish forever.

Veil Alternatives
Since Princess Eugenie chose not to wear a traditional veil in order to show off her scoliosis scar (go Eugenie!), other Brides are following suite and looking for veil alternatives. There are many ways to dress your hair and head on your wedding day, it’s whether you’d prefer to stick to tradition or you are open to the less conventional idea. We’re stuck for choice and love both!

According to recent figures release by Etsy, there’s been a spike in the search for ‘bridal headpieces’ in the past three months as Brides are deciding to make a statement of their own. We really admire this and if you’re not moved by tradition, why not make your mark with a custom-made headpiece. Just, divine!

Image credits:

Biodegradable Confetti via Not On The High Street

Invitation via Pintrest

Wedding Head Dress: Juliet Cap rhinestone head dress by Doloris Petunia (Website coming soon)

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