Don’t Panic… You’re Only Getting Married!

They say getting married can be just as stressful as moving house (yikes) but why should it be? You’re meant to be having the time of your life; the man (or woman) of your dreams has got down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your life with them. It gives us tingles just thinking about it!

So, why should you be stressed creating your dream day? That said, we know there will be moments of stress because you care and sometimes certain elements are, let’s face it, out of your control.

Here are our top tips for managing stress as a Bride-to-be;

Pressure / Anxiety Management:

Our number one tip is to manage your stress levels in the first place. Don’t let everything build-up and take over your head.
We get it, you will be stressed sometimes, so the best way out of the feeling is knowing how to manage it.

You may need a long-soak in the bath, you might need to listen to a sad song and cry, you might need to meditate for 10 minutes or you may need to have a glass of fizz with your friends. All of these are totally OK. What’s not OK is to keep hold of your stress, internalise it, keep it inside right up until your big day. You won’t be any good to anyone, let alone yourself.

Never forget how many people are rooting for you. Your wedding party and wedding guests all love you, so channel this thought whenever you start to panic.

Recognising when you are stressed and putting some plans in place is the first rule.


Something that sounds so simple, but something many of us don’t take control of. When we’re juggling a 9am-5pm job, family life, wedding dress shopping, bridesmaid tantrums, venue site-visits, food tasting (the list goes on) sometimes we really feel there aren’t enough hours in the day. This can be overwhelming.

If you experience a moment like this throughout your wedding journey, don’t panic, instead take a moment to focus on your breathing; three seconds in, three seconds out, and repeat, five times. It’s amazing what positive effects this has on your heart rate, adrenial glands and overall calm.

A simple series of focused breathing can do you, your mind, body, and soul the World of good. Trust us.

Small Treats:

So that you arrive at the end of the aisle glowing, radiant and the happiest you have been, we suggest implementing monthly YOU nights on the lead up to the big day. I mean, who doesn’t love a little pamper session?

Buy yourself some incense sticks or a candle (we LOVE Jo Malone or The White Company!). Run yourself a bath, light the candle and take 20 minutes to ‘do you.’ If a concern or worry on your to-do list pops into your head, revert back to the three second breathing rule we mentioned above.

Whilst you’re at it, have a glass of wine (ours is a Malbec thanks) and buy yourself some chocolate or your favourite sweets. Everyone deserves some time out, especially the Bride to Be. It’s amazing how many Brides just get on with things and don’t find their inner calm. This is your moment.


Next up, is our good friend Audible. We only discovered this audio book platform a few months ago but boy, it’s revolutionized our day to day life!

Explore the various range of books on offer and use driving time or chill time to listen to all your favourites. From rom-coms to classics, to self-improvement, well-being and languages, filling our time with audio books instead of sitting in front of the TV has done us the world of good! If you are feeling the pressure planning your wedding there are many titles on this subject too; anxiety management, event planning, mindfulness, you name it!

Confide in Your Number 1’s:

Last but by no means least, your Bridesmaids are your day-ones. Talk to them, confide in them, these are the last people on Earth who will ever judge you or want to see you stressed… it’s the total opposite! Talking things out is super healthy and your Bride Squad should be able to shed some light on any decisions or dilemmas you find yourself in. They are YOUR team and know you better than most!

As you come to the end of this article we hope you’re feeling a whole lot more relaxed! There may be a lot to do but it really isn’t worth getting stressed about. We hope our beginner’s tips to managing stress prove useful. Be sure to let us know via our Instagram page.

It’s time to channel your inner-zen.

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