Bridal Wreathes

It’s December! Which means one thing; the countdown to Christmas is officially on! We’ve opened the first door on our Advent Calendars, we don’t need any more excuses to watch Christmas movies (I mean… did we anyway?) and there is a certain festiveness in the air! 23 days and counting people.

One thing synonymous with this time of year is the traditional wreath. Packed with history and symbolism we adore everything a wreath stands for; love, unity, celebration, eternity… so much so, we don’t think wreathes should be just for Christmas as they can suit all occasions, and with that, weddings all year round. Here-here!

The first conversations surrounding wreathes date back to ancient Greece. Members of Greco-Roman society would hand-make ring-shaped “wreathes” using fresh tree leaves, twigs, small fruits and flowers. These were worn as head-dresses and represented one’s occupation, rank, achievements and status.

Laurel wreathes were also used at the time to crown victors of the ancient Greco-Roman Olympic Games.  You’ve all seen Gladiator, right?

Wreath History

As wreathes historically represent status and achievement we believe they’d make a gorgeous wedding gift for your friends having a winter wedding. A bridal wreath would perfectly represent their new ‘status’ – and no we don’t mean Facebook status! A bridal wreath would act as a superb message to the World that your wedding is official and your new chapter is here.

Here at Front Row Bride wedding magazine we personally love this time of year, watching festive wreathes pop-up in doorways and in windows, which got us thinking (dangerous…) and concluded in an epic collaboration with Sweetpea Florist in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

The Mission?

To create a bridal inspired wreath that would suit a winter wedding.

The wreath had to be dual-purpose. To be able to work in a wedding setting, for example as a centrepiece with a candle, as well as make  a beautiful gift for newlyweds at this time of year. Personalised, full of symbolism, festive, yet meaningful. Imagine having your very own bridal wreath to hang on your front door during wedding week, or on your first day as a newly married couple. Ie. Your new status – if we’re going by Greek tradition!

Flowers you need to create this wreath


Bleached Ruscus

Wax Romer

Skimmia – flower and leaf



Red Alba Eucalyptus


Roses (Talea)

The Method

We collated the above flowers in Laura from Sweetpea Florist’s gorgeous workshop (you must pay it a visit) and set to work planning out the stages. Wreathes have moss bases and it’s important to use the greenery such as Eucalyptus to create the first layer.

Next up, place your focal flowers into the wreath. If you like symmetry, then place these flowers (such as the Talea rose) at equal distances around the circular base. If you prefer the deconstructed look, then there’s no need for symmetry and simply go with what looks and feels right.

Continue to use the flowers to build each layer, alternating between the large and small flowers.  Your wreath will begin to take shape quite quickly, leading you to identify any gaps that need filling.

Laura from Sweetpea’s approach is pretty organic, which we love! She makes everything look simple but know we couldn’t create anything so beautiful.

Why do we love wreathes so much?

The circular shape of the wreath represents eternity; never-ending love.  Something we wish for all our Brides. After all, true love has no beginning and no end.

So, there you have it; a Bridal inspired wedding wreath fit for a winter wedding! It would make the dreamiest of centrepieces, the most amazing feature hanging from fireplaces, and look beautiful on your door as a newlywed. Why not consider a bridal inspired wreath as a gift, or accessory for yourself, next time you’re in the florist?

After all, they’re not just for Christmas.

The end result of our Bridal wreath….?

Hello Beauty!!

Some wreathes don’t seem complete until they are finished off with a large, lavish bow. A crisp ribbon will make the nicest bow; grosgrain, satin, taffeta, and velvet are all good choices. It can be styled in a number of ways from a fluffy rosette to a minimalist draping. We opted for a satin ribbon in a dusty pink colour.

You could take it one step further and add an engraved wooden heart, initials, or other items that represent the couple individually.

Laura, the Founder of Sweetpea Florist in Blandford Forum, is beyond amazing at her craft. If you’d like to talk wedding flowers, wedding wreathes, wedding centrepieces, and more, she comes highly recommended by the Front Row Bride team. 

Sweetpea Florist also run wreath workshops throughout the year. Click here to learn more.

If you’d like to visit Sweetpea Florist, it’s easy! They are based at; 1 Greyhound House, 2 Market Place, Blandford, DT11 7EB

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