The Five Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Oh hey Bridal babe! How is the wedding planning going this week?

My latest blog is here to help with your wedding photography research. Once you’ve created your hit-list of favourite photographers and arranged calls or meetings to help move to the next step you will need to be armed with the right questions in order to know what you are signing up for, and what you’ll get at the end!

Here’s my top five ‘need-to-know’ questions.

What happens if you’re ill on the day?

We get it… this isn’t something you want to think about (yikes!) but is a potential reality so make sure you’re prepared and know the answers. Everyone gets ill… sometimes! Therefore, I’d ask your chosen wedding photographer this question to put your mind at rest and understand what ‘Plan B’ might be.

What to do….

You need to know your insurance policy if the above does happen (better to be safe than sorry, right?)

Wedding photographers are by no means cheap in my experience (but well worth it!) so it’s only fair you understand what monies will be returned to you in any extreme case. Is it 100% of the fee? 50%? Or less? You’re getting married and you’re entitled to ask the question.

Similarly, the professional manor in which your potential wedding photographer handles these tricky yet justifiable questions says a lot about them as people, their integrity and their business etiquette. Don’t be afraid to ask.

My tip? Source wedding photographers that work as a pair. This is what I did and I felt a real sense of added value. Two people covering our special day, two angles for the camera lens, two for the price of one essentially (I’m from up north, I like a deal).

How long will it take you to edit our photos for us to see a first preview?

Something all newlyweds want to know. Hell yes! I remember being so excited to see the first round of photographs from our chosen photographers Tom and Lizzie Redman. The preview link arrived during our honeymoon; sitting on our balcony with a glass of wine, perusing the first batch of our wedding photos and reliving the best day of our lives is something I will always cherish.

On a less soppy note, definitely ask the timescale question when you’re liaising with your potential wedding photographers. I’ve heard that some wedding photographers can take five months to get any photos to you; try and negotiate your terms before you officially sign any paperwork if you are not up for waiting that long. I also recommend asking your chosen wedding photographer to send you 2-3 photographs within the first 10 days so you can use them for your thank-you cards. Just an idea.

My tip? Take your time looking through the photographs; you honestly can’t take them all in on the first look – it takes a while! There’s no rush, enjoy the moment.

What format will you supply my wedding photographs in and will they be high resolution?

This may sound obvious but it’s soooo important to be mindful of! I’ve heard of wedding photographers who cap the amount of photographs they supply; don’t let this be you. Make sure you are okay with your chosen wedding photographer’s T&C’s so you’re not left disappointed afterwards. In an ideal world your photographs will be unlimited but we realise this isn’t practical. That said, you expect enough for the amount you pay.

My tip? Ask the question in the beginning so there is no ambiguity for either party later down the line. In order to print your favourite wedding day photographs in a large size (canvases, billboards,…why not think big) the files will need to be 300dpi which is Vogue magazine worthy. You will also want the files as high-res JPEG files – fit for all purposes. Take note and quote this to your wedding photographers so they know you mean business.

Is there room to negotiate on price?

Your wedding day can cost as much or as little as you like, you have the power, but it’s no myth that ordinarily weddings can get a tad expensive. That’s why you need to negotiate the best rates where you can. It’s not about being cheeky, it’s about asking if that’s the best price the person or company can offer for an early sign-up, or a front-end deposit (examples).

This in my opinion is normal business. At the end of the day, you have a budget to work to and any sensible supplier should respect this. I believe both parties will come to an honest and fair decision.

Even the busiest of wedding photographers should never take work for granted. Up and coming wedding photographers may want to photograph your wedding to gain experience at your wedding venue so it can be win-win all round.

How long do you keep our photographs on file?

This is a really important question. Once you are supplied with the USB stick / Dropbox link / WeTransfer link / you and your wedding photographer essentially part ways. Sad really! However, that’s why it is sensible to know how long they will keep your wedding day photographs on file for. What happens if you lose the USB stick? Or the laptop where you downloaded the files breaks, is lost or stolen? Now we’ve got you thinking. In our experience photographers will keep their couple photos for up to five years so there’s a decent buffer which is great.


My tip? Ask for your wedding photographs to be loaded and sent via an online personalised portal which has no sell-by date. That way you can continuously login to view the photos and download direct from the portal. That said, check your T&C’s and always have a back-up folder of your favourite photos – somewhere!

Have my insights helped your quest and peace of mind? I suuuure hope so! Because sharing is caring after all.

Until next time Front Row Brides…. x


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