Planning a 2021 Easter Wedding? I got you!

For those who love a hoppy ending in the springtime (sorry I just had to) here’s one for you. Planning an Easter wedding!

Easter is awesome. Let’s face it, family time, Easter eggs, new beginnings and more, that’s why I feel an Easter wedding is actually a great idea. Everyone fights for a summertime date but why don’t we give Easter more attention? On the practical side, Easter weekend is a four-day weekend so there’s more time to recover from the hangover too!

Here’s my take on a modern Easter wedding; ideas to keep your guests entertained and playing homage to Easter celebrations.

Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

A great idea for the children (and adults) at your wedding. If your wedding venue has substantial grounds this is a perfect way to keep guests entertained between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. This is a key time where guests mingle and a lot of your professional photographs will be captured at this point. Whilst your wedding photographers do their thing I think it’s really lovely to have something to keep guests entertained during this time. And if you can, create something as a talking point.

You may have opted (for example) for drinks and canapés post ceremony on the lawn, why not tie in a stylish Easter-egg hunt for your guests to enjoy? If you have invited children to your wedding this will keep them engaged, be fun for all the family and create a lasting impression.


Colour-scheme wise… this is the time to go for pastels. The more the better! Mint green, lemon yellow, lilac and powder blue. Idyllic!

Pastels work super-well at this time of year. It’s like nature is at work and all the colours start to pop. If you want to go all out with this theme why not incorporate the colours of the rainbow. I’m thinking Bridesmaid dresses, your wedding cake, favours, it’s time to get playful – spring is in the air after all.


To those couples who really want to embrace an Easter wedding then it’s time to get creative on the decorations. Ceramic bunnies, woven baskets, hay bales for seating (outside), plenty of Fabergé eggs and moss. Big YES to the moss!

Moss is amazing as a natural material to work with (thanks Mother Nature) and therefore perfect to decorate tables and create a tactile theme a little less ordinary. I personally adore this look.

Egg Decorating Station

This is an egg-cellent idea for children and young people in attendance at your wedding. Create an egg decorating station.  Not only will this keep the younger crowd entertained (allowing the grown-ups more time to have a few G&T’s!) but any wedding with activity stations is a lot of fun and really memorable. I know I’m sold!


Do I need to say anymore? The name is in the title. Hot Cross buns are life. If you don’t agree then I’m not sure we can be friends.

Whether you buy them in bulk yourself or ask your wedding caterer to provide them and serve them in the evening, there are definitely ways to factor the beloved Hot Cross bun into your wedding. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.


Tulips are amongst the most popular of bulbs in spring, valued for their brilliant flower colours and shapes. I never used to rate tulips (sorry tulips….) but in the last six months I’ve had a complete change of heart. They are not trying to be something they are not. Their beauty is in their simplicity and I don’t see them being used as a flower of choice at weddings enough. Is it just me?

If you’re having tulips as your wedding flowers I’d love to know. Please send me a snap and I will give you a shout out!

And don’t forget you could have hand-painted eggs as wedding favours or personalised place holders of course.

So, there you have it, Easter ideas ready for your Easter wedding. 2021 is calling!

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