The Benefits of an Engagement Shoot

You’re engaged, congratulations! There is nothing more magical. You’ve entered a brand-new chapter in your life. You’ve made a commitment to one another and now the wedding planning commences…!

One of the things you’ll more than likely consider on your journey is whether or not to embark on an engagement photoshoot.
Here are my top reasons why you definitely should;

1. Practice makes perfect! 

There’s no denying the more you do something the more comfortable you become with that situation. Planning an engagement shoot acts as the perfect prelude to your wedding day. You can use an engagement shoot as an opportunity to pose, laugh, hug, kiss and smile – getting rid of any awkwardness in front of the camera (we’re not all Naomi Campbell after-all). Practice really does make perfect!

2. Get to know your photographer ahead of the wedding day


Wedding photographers rock! They see things through the lens that us mere-mortals wouldn’t. They make you feel comfortable and capture the magic behind the scenes as well as the candid moments and moments of pure joy (tissues at the ready). An engagement shoot with your chosen photographer is an ideal way to get to know them and vice versa. Your wedding photographer will sound you out as a couple to understand what you like and dislike, how you interact with one another and so on, making notes for the wedding day. You’ll also gather a firm understanding of how much they guide you in preparation, meaning you’ll be a seasoned-pro when the day comes around.

3. You can use the photos for Save the Dates 


Yay to this! To make the most of your engagement shoot photos why not use one for a Save the Date?
An amazing way to use your favourite shot (or shots) to create personalised Save the Dates.
Plus you can show off just how good you look! You’re only doing this once, right?

4. More relaxed on the day itself 

Booking an engagement shoot helps calm the nerves about being in front of the camera. It’s amazing how much muscle memory kicks in on your wedding day and you’ll spring into action. You should never put too much pressure on yourselves or worry about what anyone is thinking; big deep breath, shoulders down,  unclench the jaw and smile. You’ve been through this in the engagement shoot…. Relax on the wedding day.

 5. You’ll have some beautiful photos to keep forever more

Having an engagement shoot allows you to capture this really special and exciting time of your life. You will have these photos to cherish forever more and can put them around the house (me: any excuse to buy new photo frames) or give to your parents and family (great as gifts). Engagement is worth celebrating in itself. 
A HUGE shout-out goes to the amazing local photographers I came across when writing this article.
Your engagement shoot galleries are utterly gorgeous!! Hence why I wanted to include you in this article.
Your photos are dreamy. If you're a couple considering your wedding photographers, add these guys to your little black book pronto.
Photos included above:

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