What the Nude?

A nude lip has been on everyone’s lips the last 12 months. No pun intended. We’ve been having a love affair with nudes metaphorically and physically.

I personally never used to wear lipstick I thought it was a thing only my grandma applied (and boy did she make a coral look good). In the last few years I’ve gone the opposite way and am never seen without one! A little dash of colour is what I need. What I’ve learned is that lipsticks don’t have to be dramatic, over-drawn around your lips, or too full on. They can be used to simply enhance what’s already there and to draw a contrast between your lips and face. Don’t have the fear like I did.

Nude hues are all the rage. I’m not telling you anything new here. However, don’t be fooled by the nude label… there are so many nudes on the market… and some, in my opinion, aren’t actually nude so don’t get caught out and waste your money.

Some nudes are coffee / cappuccino colours. Some are peachy and some are actually pink. The spectrum of nudes is pretty extensive.

I’ve put some of the best nude lipsticks through a road-test and here’s what you need to know.


Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of glam. She’s everywhere right now. Every lipstick has a great name and story. If you’re looking for a soft, fresh, light pink neutral hue Penelope Pink is your girl. Very bridal-chic for the Bride who wants to be understated. Penelope Pink is low-key rather than in your face.


Nude Kate is what I would class as a legit nude. Cappuccino tones with taupe inflexes. This lipstick brings a very matte look; you would see Kim Kardashian in it all day, every day, to give you an idea. I’m more of the latter than the first. That said, some nudes do leave me looking washed out so I’ve learned which ones work for me and which ones don’t.

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Bitch Perfect (sorry mum) is superb if you’re looking for a soft peachy-nude tone. It’s more matte than gloss so expect a matte affect if you opt for this shade.

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If you want to add to your make-up bag but are unsure where to start why not request some free samples and start playing around? We all have different skin colours, tones and hair, which are all contributing factors to the way a lipstick will appear on you. What looks epic on one person may not work for you, but don’t panic… your shade is out there!

I’d also recommend asking the professional make-up artist that you have booked for your wedding to provide some insights into the right colours for you. If you managed to organise your make-up trial before lockdown then your make-up artist will already have a handle on your skin tone. Why not make the most of having a professional on your side?


For a nude lipstick under £10 my go-to is Smoked Peach by Revlon. Revlon has had a renaissance over the last five years and this nude has coral tones which suits me better than most.

If you’re brunette like me, a peach tone works well in my opinion. I only know this from a lot of trailing – I’d love to know your thoughts on what you think works for you?

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The Kiss Me Quick lipstick range by Vegan heroes Tropic are further excellent finds. The collection offers a vibrant burst of colours but the two that allow you to channel your inner nude are Nude Blush and Lush Lychee.

The Tropic lipsticks are super-smooth, they nourish and plump for an irresistible pout. Both colours are available in sheer, satin and moisture-rich matte finishes.

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You just discovered by favourite Nude lipsticks of all time! Now I’d love to hear what yours are and why?

Are you a Charlotte Tilbury gal, a YSL Queen, a thrifty pound-shop finder? I’d love to know your favourite colours and brands. Let me know over on Instagram.

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