So What is Hygge I Hear You Say?

The word Hygge comes from the Danish tradition meaning “to give courage, comfort and joy.” Something we could all do with right now, hey? Hygge represents the idea to create a form of everyday togetherness. It focuses on safety, equality, personal wholeness and a spontaneous social flow. It’s been my new favourite word for a while, so much so I bought a book about it – I’m channeling my inner-Hygge!

Hygge is even more applicable today because of the world pandemic we find ourselves in. The Danes manage to remain the happiest people on Earth despite their dark, often bleak winters. Why? Because of Hygge. They create togetherness, coziness and they appreciate the small joys in life at all times.

Let’s just say, Hygge is the ultimate form of wellbeing which dates back to the 18th century. They were soooo ahead with their wellness.

Hygge is applicable to any time and space; it’s a feeling, a sense of calm, of peace. Why wouldn’t we want to be more Hygge?
Here’s a few things you can do to bring Hygge into your own life.

You, Do You

Take up new hobbies in the home which will force you to refocus the mind and switch-off. Turn off the TV and grow to love something new which you can nurture during your Hygge moments. We’ve been on lockdown since March so being ‘at home’ has been life as know it. Many of us have turned to decorating, home DIY, fitness classes in the living room or garden, organising that draw you always wanted to, reading or listening to podcasts for the first time in a long while for a few solitary hours, even picking something up we used to love but lost time for. Craft-related hobbies such as knitting and sewing have been gaining in popularity and they are perfect to teach yourself something at home whilst channelling your inner calm. Investing in ourselves has come to the forefront during lockdown and this very much aligns with Hygge. Keep going.

Candles, Candles and more Candles

Even though the evenings are getting longer I never need an excuse to light a candle. Create a sense of calm and coziness every evening with your future husband or wife by lighting candles which carry your favourite scents. If you don’t know what your favourite scent is, find it! Lighting candles and turning off the main lights is so much better for your health. The less blue light your body has in the day, the better. Go natural. Make yourself have candle-lit dinners (a mix of inside and al fresco), run a bath and light a candle, add some candles around your house as objet d’art (decoration). So simple yet so effective.

Dine Under the Stars

Hygge is often interpreted as a social endeavour. Until recently anything ‘social’ was unsafe and difficult. As we move forwards and the lockdown laws gradually lift, we can begin to add-in the social element once more. You may have even started to do so. As long as it’s safe to do so, gatherings with family eating wholesome foods, drinking wine by the beach, al fresco or even around a firepit are total Hygge moves. Invite your nearest and dearest over and get cooking. Sharing food, eating under the stars, being in the great outdoors, talking a walk, can uplift everyone involved. Just what we need right now!

Hygge Bride

In terms of planning your wedding, if you have been forced to move your summer date to a winter date why not become a Hygge bride? Not only to keep calm throughout the wedding planning journey but how cute would be a Hygge-style wedding be this winter? Candles (everywhere), sharing platters so you and your guests can be the definition of social dining and get stuck-in. Dress outside spaces with blankets, fire-pits, toast marshmallows and add sparklers. Weddings (to me) are the definition of togetherness. Adding a dash of Hygge seems the perfect combo.

Laidback Love

Just so you know, Hygge is never about extravagance, indulgence yes, but extravagance no. An understated exuberance, you could say. For those who know, know. Hygge wedding settings are not actually about wowing or impressing guests, they are about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that your family and friends never want to leave. Your wedding breakfast for example doesn’t need to be styled to perfection with an eight course tasting menu.
Channelling Hygge means gatherings are back to basics for a more natural and laidback feel.

The Here and Now

Crucially, Hygge is about the here and now. If lockdown has taught us anything it’s patience, kindness, and trying to remain calm when the world is in disarray. My advice? It’s time to revel in the tiny moments that make you smile and do anything and everything that uplifts your soul.


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